China: 4 Year Old Girl Suffers Burns After Galaxy Note 4 Bursts Into Flames

A four year old girl has suffered burns in her face and arm after a Galaxy Note 4 exploded next to her. The explosion happened when she was sleeping, with the phone reportedly charging on a table next to her.

The child’s father noticed something was wrong when his daughter began to cry. He then saw that the phone had burnt her face and arm. The girl was quickly taken the hospital where she is currently recovering.

It is not the first time that the Galaxy Note 4, released in 2014, has made the news for bursting into flames. In December 2016, a Michigan man claimed his phone exploded while he was sleeping. There were also reports of another incident in November from a Pakistani user who said his phone exploded while it was charging. The pictures of the latest incident show an inflated battery with the top no longer there.

The child’s father purchased the phone back in August from a retailer, which he went back to after the explosion. The retailer has contacted Samsung about the explosion. The company’s office in China has reportedly offered the family $1450 to cover the hospital bill.

In 2016, Samsung decided to discontinue the latest version of its Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 7. The Note 7 was recalled weeks after its release and the company announced it would replace them with safe units. The new units also had issues and the company decided to discontinue the phones. In January, Samsung revealed the results of its Note 7 investigation, saying batteries were the cause of the fires.

The Note 7 recall cost the company billions but the series is rumored to be returning this year with a Galaxy Note 8. A Samsung spokesperson told South China Morning Post that they would like to express their deepest concern to the injured. The spokesperson added that at the moment, they are communicating with the customer to find out the cause.