Fluorescent Frog Discovered In The Amazon

The Amazon rainforest has plenty of animals that are not found anywhere else and now, scientists have found another one. The new discovery is a fluorescent frog, which happens to be the world’s first. Scientists discovered this when they were studying the pigment of the polka-dot tree frogs.

Bright Green Color

The fluorescent frog was discovered by scientists at Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, which is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The frog doesn’t stand out when there is normal light but under UV light, it glows.

The frog has a different color in normal light, with green skin and red dots. Under the UV light, the frog is also green but a very bright green. Scientists were amazed by the discovery as fluorescence is not something they find on animals every day. The researchers from the museum found that the trait increased the brightness between 19 and 29 percent, depending on the light.

World’s First Fluorescent Frog

Polka-dot tree frogs are common across South America and they don’t really stand out with their light green/brown color under normal light. But after the discovery, the frog has become the first amphibian known to have this trait. More than 1000 species of frogs can be found in the Amazon, which means there is a possibility that animals similar to the polka-dot tree frog could also be fluorescent.

The Amazon rainforest is home to more species of plants and animals than any other place in the world. One in ten known species in the world live there. Hundreds of species have been discovered in recent years but the fluorescent frog may be one of the most impressive so far this year.

Scientists at Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum were studying the pigment of the polka-dot tree frog but they found out the frog looks very unique under a different light.