Saturday, February 4, 2023

Germany: Man Killed By Ticket Machine He Attempted To Break Into

Authorities in Germany have confirmed that a man at the Dortmund – Scharnhorst railway station was killed when he attempted to break into a ticket machine. Police say the man was trying to break into the machine when it exploded. The explosion happened in the early hours of Tuesday and it was heard by people in the area, including authorities.

Explosion Heard At 2 AM

The explosion was heard at around 2 am and emergency services were sent in to help the man, who was found injured nearby. The 31 year old man, who authorities say is from Dortmund, was trying to open the ticket machine, according to the investigation and statement released by authorities. Police do not know what the man was using to open the ticket machine.

According to authorities, the man was hit by the front panel of the ticket machine during the explosion. The explosion and front panel caused him several injuries, including a severe one in the head. Emergency services arrived to the area but the man could not be saved after the severe injury. A photo shows that the front panel was ripped off the ticket machine by the explosion.

Police Are Currently Investigating

Police discovered that the ticket machine had been completely destroyed by the explosion. A photo shows the front panel of the ticket machine and some of the wires. The Deutsche Bahn ticket machine was one of the few located at the railway station.

Dortmund Police also found another man nearby and he was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the attempts of breaking into the ticket machine. The man is reportedly a friend of the man who lost his life while attempting to open the ticket machine.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and have not determined what the man was using to open the ticket machine, which was completely destroyed by the explosion.


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