Malaysia: Police Confirm Kim Jong-nam’s Identity With Child’s DNA

Malaysian authorities have confirmed the identity of Kim Jong-nam with a DNA sample from one of his children, according to Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. The news were confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister said the country would deport 50 North Koreans with expired visas. Malaysia did not reveal the reason but the two countries have been in a diplomatic battle since Kim Jong-nam was killed at Kuala Lumpur’s Airport last month. The Deputy Prime Minister also said today that negotiations had begun on Monday to resolve the situation over the death of Kim Jong-nam.

An autopsy in Malaysia revealed that Kim Jong-nam was killed by a nerve agent. Two women were charged with the murder of Kim Jong-nam. The women reportedly said they thought they were participating in a prank for a show. The murder has caused diplomatic tensions between Malaysia and North Korea. The two countries have announced travel bans, preventing each other’s citizens from leaving the country. Malaysia and North Korea have also expelled ambassadors during the diplomatic battle.

North Korea has rejected the autopsy from Malaysia, which revealed that Kim Jong-nam was killed by a nerve agent. A North Korean official recently said he probably died of a heart attack. Malaysia said yesterday that it had embalmed his body to preserve it. It was also announced that Kim’s family would be given two to three weeks to claim the body.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that authorities had confirmed the identity of the body with a sample taken from his child. Malaysia did not reveal details on when or where the DNA sample was taken. Last week, a video of a man claiming to be his son surfaced on the internet. During the video, the man shows his passport and confirms he is living with his mother and sister.

Malaysia has not blamed North Korea for the murder of Kim Jong-nam but there is suspicion that they could have been involved. Malaysia has arrested three suspects, including the two women that were charged with murder. The third suspect was released due to lack of evidence. Malaysian authorities are still searching for other suspects and some of them are believed to be in North Korea’s Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

The recent travel ban has left nine Malaysians in North Korea while hundreds of North Korean citizens are said to be in Malaysia.