Man Livestreams Police Chase On Facebook, Arrested 30 Minutes Later

A man decided to livestream his own police chase on Facebook before going to jail. Erasmo Hernandez, who did not wait for police at a traffic stop, livestreamed his own police chase for 30 minutes. During the video, he knows it will probably be some time before he gets on Facebook again, saying he is gone forever.

Hernandez was chased by police for 30 minutes and all of it was livestreamed on Facebook. In the video, Hernandez is seen smiling while police follow him closely. Pasadena Police officer Jessica Ramirez says the chase began when he fled the scene during a traffic stop. Hernandez was chased by police for 30 minutes and it was all shown on social media for his friends.

Hernandez continued to livestream as police sirens could be heard closely but his idea started coming to an end. After 20 minutes, a flat tire began making the escape difficult for Hernandez. Ten minutes later, he was stopped on his Hyundai Sonata and was arrested by police.

The Pasadena Police officer says this is something she has not seen in her career in law enforcement. But added that it’s the sign of the times, with everyone posting everything on social media nowadays.

The police chase went from Pasadena to southeast Houston and it was all shown on Facebook. The chase livestream may have been something that police officers in the area had never seen before but it is not the first time that something like this happens on Facebook.

Earlier this month, police in Australia arrested three teens after they livestreamed a ride in a stolen car. The Facebook livestream actually helped authorities as they had been searching for the car and suspect for days. The car had been linked to offences in the area and it was the livestream that helped authorities find the teens. The teens were not being chased by police at the time but during the livestream, they drove by a police station in the city. Police then used social media to find out who they were and arrest them.

Livestreams are done to entertain us on Facebook but it appears that some criminals are using this option to say goodbye before going to jail. For Erasmo Hernandez, it could be a while before he logs in on Facebook again as he is now facing charges of evading arrest and felon in possession of a weapon.