Man From Northern Ireland Visits Every Country In The World

Only a few people have ever visited every country in the world and the latest to do that is Johnny Ward. The 33 year old from Northern Ireland began traveling around the world ten years ago but it wasn’t easy. Not only did he travel with little money but he also visited some of the most dangerous places.

Johnny Ward began traveling with almost no money but a few years later, he began making enough to visit the rest of the countries and become one of the few people to ever do that. He decided to visit every country back in 2006 but in the first five years, he says he was broke. He began teaching English in some countries and was living on a $10 budget a day.

Things changed after he started a blog, which quickly brought advertisers. He says he was first contacted by an advertiser six months after starting his blog. He continued catching the attention of advertisers and was later making around $5000 a month. He claims he has earned more than $1.5 million from his travel blog. The money he earned also helped him start his own media company.

The long journey not only took him to some of the most visited places in the world but also some of the most dangerous. He says his visit to Angola did not have a nice introduction after he saw a man get shot twice. He says he had been in the country for just a few minutes when that happened.

Guinness World Records

Traveling around the world took him ten years and he decided to leave Norway as the last country to visit because it is close to Northern Ireland. He says he is currently speaking to the Guinness World Records at the moment and is looking to be in the records as the youngest person and the only Irishman to visit every country in the world. Johnny’s journey took a while as he would sometimes spend days and even weeks in one country.

Johnny isn’t the first person to complete this journey in 2017. In February, a 27 year old woman from Connecticut became the fastest person in the world to visit all countries. She broke the record by visiting every country in just 18 months. Johnny’s journey was eight years longer but visiting every country in the world is something that only a few people have completed.