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Conbrov Night Vision Body Cam – Mini Spy Hidden Camera Review

Well this is a new one for me. The Conbrov mini spy camera. Well, it’s not really a spy camera, it’s more of a personal safety camera, and it gives me an excuse to talk about sousveillance as well. No no, I didn’t misspell Surveillance, sousveillance is the idea that as we are being watched from on high by cameras, so too should be watch from below. Sous is the opposite of sur after all. I am in love with the concept, and firmly believe teh world would be a better place if we all walked around wearing a camera.

This brings me to the review, the Conbrov Night vision camera is a marvelous piece of engineering. A high quality 1280 x 720 resolution camera and an additional five LED night vision “lights” that let it pick up images even in complete blackness. Considering the price of the product this is well worth looking into. So I got my hands on one and started testing.


Conbrov is a fairly new firm, with a focus on wearable cameras and general peace of mind security devices. Their product list is short, but focused. One interesting thing to note is on their official site the Conbrov Night Vision spy camera is not featured in there FAQ section, and it would have been nice to be able to ask a few questions directly. That aside I was satisfied with my investigations into the firm.

Conbrov Night Vision Body Cam Build Quality and Features

Off the bat, this thing is tiny, I mean really really small. So small as to be unobtrusive when you wear it. This is a must have feature, as it would not do to be seen walking around with a giant camera strapped to your chest. Most people object to being on camera, so it’s probably best that they don’t notice it. It is light, but not so light as to feel cheap. The fit of the parts is flush too, and overall I was quite impressed withthe package they managed to fit all these features into.

Speaking of features there are a fair few here that I am sure you will find impressive. First the cores, the camera records at 30 fps at 1280 x 720, or 720p in television language. Not the highest resolution in the world, but more that fine for day to day use. Using it is simple, just press the button and it starts recording. There is also an options ot have it auto record when noise goes above a certain level, 60 decibels by default, and so it will trigger when you talk or walk.

One of the unique selling points here is the night vision mode. It’s impressive. The range on offer in absolute blackness is around 10 feet, but if there is any source of light at all that gets up to over 15 feet. One of the things I have been looking into is the supposed iPhone Night Vision mode, and let me get one thing straight. The iPhone does not have a night vision mode. It has a filter mode that improves night vision, but in true blackness you can see literally nothing. The Conbrov Security camera’s Night Vision is actually useful in all kinds of light.

Conbrov have several models that improve on the basic night vision of the Mini Spy, with more powerful LEDs to boost the visibility, but in terms of core function what is here is impressive.

Conbrov Night Vision Body Cam Pricing and Returns Policy

Now we get to the price, and I am sure you will be impressed with this. The core price of the Conbrov Mini Spy is about $100, give or take. That said you can sometimes get it with a pretty substantial discount at by clicking here. Right now I have seen it on offer in a number of places, amazon have it at half price at the moment. Considering the feature set here that is a steal. The price of personal safety is a large one, and the price of the Conbrov Mini Spy is so small. Bit of a no brainer.

The warranty is where we are going to come to blows though. Conbrov are still a young firm, and I would like to feel more safe regarding their longevity. It is no good getting a year long warranty if a firm doesn’t last that long. I have taken a look at their sales, and can at least confirm that they are doing quite well. i fully expect them to rise to the challenges the market presents them. The Conbrov Mini Spy comes with a 1 year warranty, with said warranty covering all sorts of issues.

Conbrov Night Vision Body Cam – Is it the Right Product  for You?

I have to say yes. The Conbrov is an excellent entry level product, with a wide range of features that all emphasize personal safety. I have been using recording devices like this for a long time now, and none have been able to combine price, build quality and feature set quite like this one. The customer support is far higher than I was expecting as well, and Conbrov have only been improving their customer support. Their online presence is increasing, and their product range expanding. It would not surprise me to see the firm become one of the more dominant names in the business of personal safety.

To check out the current discounts on the Conbrov Night Vision Spy Camera Click Here.

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