Missile Worth $3 Million Used By US Ally To Destroy $200 Drone

A US military missile worth $3 million was used to shoot down a drone that can be found on Amazon at a price of around $200. The news were revealed by a US Army General, who mentioned that a close ally was trying to deal with an adversary that was using a drone. He confirmed that the drone was shot down with a Patriot missile.

$200 Drone

Patriot missiles are usually used to destroy targets that are going  at high speeds. The drone was easily destroyed by the missile. US General David Perkins said the $200 drone from the online retailer did not stand a chance against the missile. The US Army General added that on the economic exchange ratio, he is not sure that’s good.

The missile used by the US ally is worth $3 million and it was used to shoot down a drone that can easily be found on Amazon for two hundred dollars. The ally did take down the drone but it turned out to be very costly. The US Army General didn’t reveal the name of the ally who used the Patriot missile to stop the drone.

Patriot Missiles

The Patriot missile is currently used by the US Army and several allied nations. The missile was designed back in 1969 and each cost between two to three million dollars. The Patriot missile is designed to detect, target and shoot down anything nearby. The long range air defense missile system is usually used to shoot down targets traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Drones, which have continued to gain popularity in recent years, can be found on Amazon for as little as $40. The one shot down recently was $200 but that is still very cheap when compared to the $3 million missile used to destroy it. General Perkins did not reveal any more details about the incident.