Nokia 3310, 3, 5 and 6 Coming In May?

Last month, Nokia announced three smartphones plus a remake of the Nokia 3310. The company showed all the phones but an exact release date was not revealed. The phones were said to be coming some time in Q2 2017. But the release date has reportedly been leaked, revealing that the phones won’t be released until May.

The phones will reportedly be released in the UK first but the company will release them in other countries later. One of the smartphones being released in May is the Nokia 6, which had been announced in China before MWC 2017. The company unveiled it again at MWC but this time for a global edition, which means the phone will soon be available in many other countries.

The Nokia 3 and 5 smartphones are a new addition to the Nokia lineup and will be also be available in May. The Nokia 3 will cost around $145 while the Nokia 5 will cost $200. Both phones run Android 7 Nougat out of the box.

Nokia’s most talked about release at MWC 2017 may have been for the Nokia 3310. The remake of the nearly indestructible phone will also be coming in May. The return of the Nokia 3310 was rumored before the tech event and Nokia made it official at MWC. The phone has a few changes and additions such as a 2MP camera but the 3310 remains a simple phone for texts, calls and some entertainment with the improved version of the Snake game.

The original Nokia 3310 sold well for the company and sales could be good for the remake as phone retailer Carphone Warehouse recently said that demand for the phone has been astonishing. The price of the Nokia 3310 is $51.

Nokia announced four phones at MWC but the company could be bringing more later this year. Nokia is rumored to be working on the Nokia 8 and even a Nokia 8 Plus version. The phone could be very impressive as rumors have recently mentioned that it will have specs such as Snapdragon 835 or 821 processor, 6GB of RAM, 64/128 GB of storage and a 24MP camera. The flagship phone is also rumored to be coming at a way higher price than Nokia’s recent releases, with the Nokia 8 rumored to be starting at around $800 for the 64GB version. The phone is said to be making its debut in June.