Olala 7500 mAh Slide Power Bank Review

Introducing the Olala 7500 mAh Slide Power Bank

Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t come with their own set of issues. One of the biggest problems that most smartphone owners have has to do with battery life. You wake up, unplug your smartphone, and go about your day. In many cases, your battery is on the verge of death before your day is half over. As a result, many smartphones owners result to carrying around bulky charging gear. They’re always on the lookout for an open power outlet. An increasingly popular solution to this problem comes in the form of a portable power bank. Basically, a portable power bank is something that you can conveniently take on the go and use to charge your device in just about any setting.

I don’t think that there’s any denying the utility of a power bank. However, if you’re in the market for one of these battery saving devices, then I can understand why you may be intimidated by the sheer number of options available. There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re looking to buy a power bank, and it can sometimes be difficult to determine which product is right for you. In this article, I’m going to try to ease that burden for you. I’m going to be providing you with an in-depth review on one of the more popular power banks out there: Olala’s 7500 mAh Slide Power Bank. I’ll discuss specific product details, while also making sure to give my opinion as to whether or not this gadget is worth your time and money. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this thing.

Product Details

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Technical Specs:

  • 7500mAh Li-polymer battery
  • 5V/2.0A Input Ports
  • 5V/2.4A Output Ports
  • Dual output for both Android and iOS devices
  • 250 grams in weight

When you first look at the Olala 7400 mAh Slide Power Bank, a couple of things stand out right away. First of all, the design of this device is actually very pleasing to the eye. If you shop around for power banks, you’ll find that they’re typically very bulky. This power bank is small and slim, despite the powerful battery that it stores inside. Another cool aspect of this case is the sliding compartment on its side, which houses chargers that can be used for either Android or iOS devices. If you’ve ever used a power bank before, then you probably know that that isn’t how it usually works. Traditionally, a power bank is just a brick that you plug everything in to. By having those chargers integrated directly into the design, Olala’s product becomes even easier to use.

Even better, the iOS charging cable has a certified Apple certification chip, which means that it’s going to be completely compatible with pretty much any Apple device that you try to charge. You can tell just by looking at it that this power bank is well designed, but little details like this one just shows that Olala spared no expense in constructing this device. Of course, the centerpiece of this product is its Li-polymer battery. This battery is incredibly powerful, and you should be able to get four full charges for your smartphone before it has to be recharged. Overall, I think that it’s quite apparent that this power bank was designed with efficiency and functionality in mind.

How well does the Olala 7400 mAh Power Bank actually work?

Of course, anyone can promise that a power bank will be efficient. There’s a very big difference between making a claim and supporting that claim. How well does the Olala 7400 mAh Slide Power Bank actually work in practice? Overall, you shouldn’t have to worry about very many surprise technical issues with this product. Olala did a very good creating a power bank that is functional and hardy. Although I wouldn’t advise dropping this device from the top of a building or anything like that, it isn’t something that you need to baby, either. It’s built pretty tough, which means that you shouldn’t hesitate to bring it with you on an outdoor excursion or while you travel. Seeing as those are two scenarios where a portable charger is most useful, that’s good news for prospective buyers.

Another really cool thing about this power bank that I haven’t mentioned before is its ability to charge multiple things at once. If you own both an iOS and Android device, then you don’t have to worry about which one needs to charge first. The Olala 7400 mAh Slide Power Bank supports charging both of these devices simultaneously, through the included charging cables. Not only that, but you’re also able to charge both the power bank and a different device at the same time. This means that, even when your power bank has a low battery level, it isn’t out of commission entirely. The rigorous safety features integrated into this device also ensures that, with all of these different power sources and devices, you don’t have to worry about something shorting out or dying. In short, this product works exactly as well as you would hope it would.

Is the Olala 7400 mAh Power Bank worth it?

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that the Olala 7400 mAh Slide Power Bank is a nifty tool for any smartphone owner to have in their arsenal. However, for some people it may hard to justify spending almost $90.00 (without discount) on a portable battery. Is it really worth springing that sort of money on something like a power bank? Above all, I think that you should take a look at your personal situation. If you’re someone who travels a lot, or is frequently away from regular power sources, then something like this may prove to be a godsend for you. Even if you’re just a student, owning something like this means that you should have a lot less anxiety about staying near power outlets. It’s also an excellent resource for someone who exercises outdoors a lot, or for people who use battery draining outdoor apps like Pokemon Go. If any of those sound like you, then I think you could find some real value in owning this product.

If the high price tag still has you feeling gun shy, there are a few things to consider. First of all, this is something that you will realistically be using for a long time. As long as you don’t do anything reckless with this power bank, it is something that you can regularly use for years. Also, it cuts a lot of bulk out of your typical power bank set-up. With some more inexpensive power banks, you’re going to have to carry around charging cables. With the Olala 7400 mAh Slide Power Bank, everything is contained within a single unit. It’s easier to use, but it’s also much easier to travel with. Power banks almost always cut hassle out of your life, but this particular power bank takes that principle to the next level. Are you in the market for a device like this one? If so, I highly recommend the Olala 7400 mAh Slide Power Bank. I doubt you will be disappointed.