Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Peru: Floods Have Caused Billions In Damage

The heavy rains and landslides in Peru have left at least 85 people dead and hundreds more injured since the beginning of the year. Thousands more have also been evacuated by emergency services as rains have continued to cause damage by overflowing rivers.

A study released on Friday has revealed how much damage the rains and landslides have left in Peru. The floods have caused around $3.1 billion in damage since they began back in December. At least 85 people have lost their lives since the heavy rains began four months ago. More than 250 people have also been injured.

The study from Macroconsult, a consulting firm in Peru, based latest report on information from the National Civil Defense Institute. The $3.1 billion in damages include the homes that have been destroyed or affected by the rains since December. It also includes hospitals, schools, roads and bridges. Of the $3.1 billion in damages estimated by the consulting firm, about 35 percent comes from damages to roads. The consulting firm estimates that the rains have left around $1.259 billion in damages to roads. Another 30 percent estimated is from damages to homes. The consulting firm estimates $1.123 billion in damages to homes. The mudslides have also created a water crisis in some areas as clean water supply has been cut off.

Homes in the areas with the most rains were destroyed or affected by landslides and rivers. The natural disasters have left more than 100,000 people homeless in Peru. South American countries and many others around the world have sent help to the population affected by the floods. In the United States, Peruvians living in North Jersey are planning fundraisers to help victims. Charities in Peru have also began helping the population.

Since December, Peru has seen some of the heaviest rains in the last twenty years. Rains have continued in recent days and earlier this week, the country declared a state of emergency due to the floods. Peru’s rainy season has delivered ten times more rainfall than the country is used to seeing.


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