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Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner App Review

In most cases, owning a smartphone is much more convenient than owning a computer. There’s much less maintenance involved, mostly just due to how the smartphone was designed in the first place. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be performing any kind of maintenance on your smartphone at all. If you neglect your smartphone, you may encounter lower battery life. You may have less storage than you should have. Your phone in general may run slower than it has before. In order to keep your smartphone running in tip top shape, it’s important to delete apps or files that you don’t use. It’s important to carefully monitor which apps are most resource-draining. It’s important, basically, to make sure that everything is in working order, without being bogged down by redundant processes or applications. That can still be difficult work for one person to all manage manually, though.

Luckily, there are many applications that exist that are meant to make things easier for you. These smartphone management apps are perfect for someone who wants to ensure maximum performance without putting in all of the work that would go into taking care of things all by yourself. In this article, I’m going to be specifically talking about Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner. This app is developed by LIONMOBI, a highly regarded developer that is also behind other useful applications like Network Master, Power Battery, and Power Security. LIONMOBI struck gold with these great apps, but were they able to repeat their past successes with the release of Power Clean? I’m going to be breaking down the different features of Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner, along with their purposes. I’ll also make sure to give my honest opinion as to whether or not this app is worth your time and/or money. Without further ado, let’s dive right into this review of the Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner app.

App Details

Price: Free


  • Photo scanning that helps you delete photos that are duplicates or low quality
  • Monitoring of data usage, Internet speeds, and so on
  • No ad version available for $0.99 on iOS devices
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • (Android version) Scan and delete redundant or “junk” files
  • (Android version) Notification cleaner that blocks redundant or “junk” notifications
  • (Android version) Analyze CPU usage

Before you get up in arms about this, let me explain something about the difference between Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner on Android and iOS devices. Although you can obtain this app for free on either platform, your experience with the app will probably vary between versions. This isn’t something that you should complain to the developer about. It as more to do with the difference between iOS and Android devices. If you have an Android device, then you have significantly more control over what happens with your hardware and software. You can go into your files and change all sorts of things. To put it simply, it’s a much more custom experience. As a result, applications for Android that tweak system settings or have anything to do with device maintenance will generally be more powerful than similar application for iOS. It’s unfortunate, but it also can’t really be helped.

With that out of the way, it’s worth noting that the iOS version of this application is just as functional as the Android version. These types of applications tend to be sort of run of the mill, which is why I’m so personally impressed by the photo scanning feature that is enclosed in both version of the app. Media probably takes up the most space on the mass majority of smartphones. People love to use their phones to take pictures and make videos, but those pictures and videos happen to take up a lot of storage space. The more storage space that is occupied on your phone, the slower it is likely to run. This is what makes the photo scanning feature so useful. Basically, it just scans through your photos in search of photos that it determines to be junk. If you took 50 pictures of your cat, then the app will find the highest quality of those 50 and delete the rest. It’s smart, and it’s something that not all system management apps really do.

If you own the Android version of the app, then you should be happy to see all of the additional features that come with it. One of my personal favorites is the notification cleaner. Pretty much everyone is familiar with how annoying it is to receive applications for an app that you rarely use. If you’re someone with a lot of applications downloaded to your smartphone, then you may also find the task of configuring all of their notification settings individually to be daunting. Power Clean’s Notification Cleaner feature singles out all of your unwanted notifications, and it blocks them. Not only will this be less of an annoyance for you down the road, but it will also majorly improve system performance. You’ll be surprised by how much faster your device works when it isn’t constantly being assaulted by notifications from different apps. Like all of the features in Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner, it’s designed with you in mind.

Is Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner worth it?

With all of that in mind, let’s think about whether or not Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner is worth it. I know what you might be thinking. It’s a free app! Of course it’s worth it, right? Well, not exactly. If you use this app regularly, then you may be inclined to improve your user experience and support the developers by paying $0.99 to get rid of ads. Even if you don’t give this app your money, though, there’s no reason to waste your time or storage space on an app that you don’t end up liking. If you want to start taking extra good care of your smartphone, then this is where you should start. Don’t just download apps for no reason. However, I honestly do think that Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner is an app that will majorly improve your quality of life if you choose to download it. Even if you choose to use the less feature-packed iOS version, there are features in this app that you can’t really find anywhere else. Not only is it extremely functional, but it’s also unique. This is not an experience that you can easily replicate with someone else.

If you have trouble seeing yourself using an app like this, then I really think you should consider how much faster your smartphone could be running if it were using something like this. At the end of the day, your phone is a computer, and all computers need a little bit of maintenance now and again. You don’t have to replace your phone just because it’s getting a little bit slower, or because its battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to. With a little bit of tender love and care, you can restore your smartphone to the same lightning fast, efficient state that it was in when you first bought it. Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner has a really good use for just about everybody, whether you’re looking to polish an older device or keep a newer device up to date. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a device management app, whether it be for Android or iOS devices.

You can download the iOS version by clicking here.

You can download the Android version by clicking here.'
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  1. Unable to provide tech feedback to Lionmobi when problems detected. Is there a way? I’ll list it here as a last resort. After the latest Power Clean upgrade, I was unable to permanently delete emails. They came back day after day. Used Power Clean religiously and deleted cache through Samsung Settings. No luck. Then, in Settings, Application Management for Power Clean, I saw I could delete Power Clean cache. That did it. Email delete problem has not recurred.

  2. I’ve been using power clean since the first week of it hitting the App Store on best and ACTUALLY cleans like xcleaner(taken down) iPad runs way smoother after I run all the cleans it can perform. Emails, games apps, everything that builds a cache run smoother,. Try deleting emails and refreshing but make sure that the refresh actuall completes before closing email app. I figured this out a coupe years ago.. Closing the email app while it’s refreshing will cancel everything out


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