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Rare Pieces in McDonalds Monopoly 2018 – UK Winning Stickers & All Prizes

NOTE: This article will be updated when the new monopoly pieces are released.

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! No not Christmas it’s 2018 McDonalds Monopoly season in the UK! Sorry US based readers, this one’s only for our friends across the pond. So if you live in the United Kingdom (or a resident of Isle of Man or Channel Islands) this one’s for you.

Anyways the prizes look great once again with the cream of the crop looking to be the  £100,000 cash prize.  Just don’t spend it all in one place (bad jokes.)

As you probably already know to win in McDonald’s Monopoly you need to collect all the game pieces for the specific prize.  The thing is, most of the pieces are relatively common and there is only one piece per “color” set that’s actually rare or hard to find in McDonald’s Monopoly.

So let’s take a look at all the prizes in this years game and which pieces you actually need to find to take home the big money or maybe even the mini cooper!

Rare Pieces for McDonald’s Monopoly in 2018 – UK Version

£100,000 cash

So what’s better than cold hard cash? Nothing.  4 lucky souls are going to walk away with this prize.

What Pieces You Need: Mayfair & Park lane

Rare Piece: Mayfair

Mini Cooper (customized how you want it!)

3 Door, 5 Door, Convertible, Clubman… It doesn’t matter. You win, you pick. McDonald’s is giving away 15 Mini Coopers in 2017.

What Pieces You Need: Bond Street, Oxford Street & Regent Street

Rare Piece: Bond Street

£1,500 for an Airtours Holiday

140 Holiday trips are being given away in 2017, try to get your hands on one.

What Pieces You Need: Piccadilly, Coventry Street & Leicester Square

Rare Piece: Conventry Street

PlayStation 4

So McDonald’s is giving away 400 of these PS4 packages with the new, slimmer version of the console.

What Pieces You Need: Trafalger Square + Fleet Street + Strand

Rare Piece: Strand

£250 to Red Letter Days

What Pieces You Need: Vine Street + Marlborough Street + Bow Street

Rare Piece: Marlborough Street

KitSound Tilt Speaker

If you like loud music the KitSound speaker will not disappoint. The only disappointed people may be the 2000 neighbors or parents who have to listen.

What Pieces You Need: Northumberland Avenue + Whitehall + Pall Mall

Rare Piece: Northumberland Avenue

£30 Voucher

8000 people are going to be looking “extra fresh” as receiving this gift card voucher.

What Pieces You Need: Pentonville Road + Euston Road + The Angel, Islington

Rare Piece: Euston Road

Medium Extra Value Meal

Who doesn’t like free food? 1.5 Million people won’t be going hungry at lunch time after pulling these tickets.

What Pieces You Need: Whitechapel Road + Old Kent Road

Rare Piece: Old Kent Road

NOW TV Box + a 1 year Pass

Thousands of movies, 7 Sky Sports Channels, Kid Favorites, and more. What’s not to like about the NOW TV Box?  There are 10,000 winning tickets for this TV Box.

What Pieces You Need: Kings Cross Station + Marylebone Station + Fenchurch St. Station + Liverpool St. Station

Rare Piece: Liverpool St. Station

McDonald’s Monopoly Instant Win Prizes – 2018 Winners

If collecting pieces sounds like too much work why not just take the easy route and pull an instant winner? You may not be able to pull a £100,000 winner but the prizes aren’t too shabby either. Take a look at all the instant win prizes available below.

£25,000 cash
PlayStation 4
NOW TV Box + 1 Year Pass
MINI Cooper
£250 & £100 Red Letter Days Experiences
Mello Build Your Own Skateboard
Free one-month access to Readly
50% off at
20% off at
£1,500 for Airtours
Best Western Hotel Break
£100, £50 or £25 at
Pair of Cinema Tickets
Snapfish Photo Book
20% off at
30% off Hasbro board games at Argos
SONY X1000VR 4K Action Cam
£200 for passing GO
KitSound Tilt Speaker
Wrappz Personalised Phone Case
20% off Best Western Hotels
£10 off any Red Letter Days Experience
Get £5 off at
£30 Voucher
£75 off a £1,000 Airtours holiday
£10 off a Wrappz Phone Case
AND Drumroll please… Free Food At McDonalds!


How To Win In McDonalds Monopoly – Second Chance

So you struck out across the board. None of the rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces and no good instant winners. Well all is not lost. You can enter your code online for a chance to win as well. This may sound like too much work but come on, you’re already online plus they give away a prize every 30 seconds online. Your chances are pretty good.

To enter your codes online you can click here!

Also maybe you’re like me and eat a little too much fast food. If so, Great News! You can also trade in 10 of the bad pieces (be sure to check our rare pieces list for 2018 one more time though, don’t want to trade in that big winner) for a Now TV pass of your choice! So now even if you’re a loser you are a winner…

Anyways good luck to everyone in the UK and hopefully one of you ends up being a big winner in the 2017 McDonald’s Monopoly game!

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