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RocVape Origo CVB All in One Review

There was a time when I reviewed products all of the same type. It was fun enough, but did get a little repetitive, especially in homogeneous industries. This last couple of weeks I’ve been lucky enough to review a wider range of products, from USB chargers to spy cameras. This week I got to try out the RocVape Origo CVB all in one vape, and this thing is right up my alley. I quit smoking cigarettes around two years ago, and had I known about this little mod at the time it would have saved me so much money.

Back then the introductory kits offered to me tended to be those little disposable wick kits, and let me tell you, those things both don’t last long and taste less than amazing. It was six months before I experienced the joy of a good coil based build, and have never looked back. I would love to see some ultrasonic vape builds come out, like the original design back in the early nineties, but it seems that no one is building them.

The thing that sets this vape build apart from the rest is the odd blend of disposable design principles, with long term use. Like the disposable builds, the tank is built into the body, but the coil is replaceable, and you can refill the 2ml tank. It’s an interesting niche, and one I expect will pay off for the company.

So let’s start the review with a look at the company itself, see how they stack up.


RocVape was founded in 2008 by a group of avid vapers. They claim to be a firm built by vapers for vapers, and their product line certainly does reflect this. Their customer service is very good, and I found it easy to contact them with queries, receiving a reply in very short order. I have a few issues regarding their warranty policies, but I will go into that in detail later in the review. Their official site is a little bare bones, but it is easy to navigate. Their product line is focused right now, but I expect them to branch out in the next few years.

RocVape Origo CVB Build Quality and Features

The first thing you will notice about the RocVape Origo is its size. This thing is tiny, dwarfed by even the smallest hands. It’s a major selling pint, the small profile allows you to take with you anywhere. That isn’t to say that it feels toy like. Despite the small form factor the build feels quite sturdy. A good quantity of metal went into this build, so the body has a small and reassuring heft to it. The Mouthpiece is well placed, and it fits nicely in the mouth. The default mouthpiece is all metal, which is my preference, but I am sure you can change that of you prefer a plastic piece instead.

The RocVape Origo comes in four colors, Blue, Black, Pink and Silver. Pity there’s no white option, to match my computer, but that’s my issue. The silver is nice, and the textured surface gives you a real sense of solidity. I can’t say for certain, but I imagine that the other finishes might feel somewhat less stable in the hand, but not unstable.

In total there are four parts to the build. The Mouthpiece, the airflow ring, the coil and the body. The body includes the battery and the tank. The mouthpiece here is very well pt together, being built in such a way as to mitigate spit back. I use a knock off mini nautilus, and it has some issues with wetness. Those issues were not present in the RocVape Origo. The airflow ring is interesting. Most of my previous builds didn’t have one, and I did not understand the significance of it. I now know that it’s all about the plume and the flavor. More airflow gives a bigger plume, at the cost of flavor. I find that high airflow is most like smoking cigarettes, so I’ve never bothered with tighter, ore flavorful draws. Changing it here is the same as elsewhere, just turn the ring.

RocVape Origo coils taste clean, and last a little over a week. I am a heavy user, so I found mine was beginning to get acrid on day eight. Replacing it is as easy as anything else in this build, unscrew, throw out and screw in the new one. The battery/tank is wonderful. A 1600Mah battery when fully charged gave me a full days use, and the 2ml tank, while not the biggest in the world, did hold enough to last me around 2 hours, give or take.

The Button is located on the battery/tank. Top mounted, all you have to do is click and hold. Turning it on and off should be familiar to you, five clicks on, five clicks off. There is little else to the build in terms of features. The power draw is a constant 18W, no changes can be made to that, and the coils are 0.5ohms, no change can be made there either.

Overall this is an impressive little kit. Very little complication involved, with a clean draw and decent battery life.

RocVape Origo CVB Pricing and Returns Policy

Now we come to the price, and I was happy to see a sub $50 price tag on this build. The market for this is clear, the beginner, and seeing everything you need to hit the ground running in the wonderful world of vaping at this price point is fantastic. There are a number of products that try to offer the same level of simplicity and ease of use, but few succeed to the level of the RocVape. I did a little shopping around, and was able to find this particular model far closer to $40 than $50, s be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

There is one area that I feel RocVape have dropped the ball. Their warranty policy. I review a lot of products, and they all have warranties, so maybe I am somewhat biased, but I don’t like the concept of anyone selling me something that cannot be returned if found faulty. Their site advertises a 6 month limited warranty, and a money back guarantee to boot, but I have found some fine print that causes me pause for concern. On their warranty page they claim that due to the hygienic nature of their products certain items are not eligible for either the money back guarantee, nor the warranty, and goes on to state that vape mods, tanks and kits are included in that description. This might be in error, and I hope it is, but if I were to buy the RocVape Origo CVB, use it as instructed only for it to die on me within a month, I would expect a replacement.

A mostly minor issues, and one that may not be the case, depending on what RocVape has to say to me regarding the wording of the policy. I will of course update this article when the firm gets back to me.

RocVape Origo CVB – Is it the Right Product  for You?

I can see the target market for this item clearly. It is for both those looking for a palm sized back up vape, and those new to the scene, ready to quit smoking and take up something healthier. There are so many options out there, and all too often newbies are sold lemons, and I’m not talking lemon flavored eliquid. No, I’m talking the low quality disposable builds, the ones that give a bad draw and have the poor unfortunate punter spending far money money over the long and short term than they need to. The RocVape Origo CVB feels like a fully featured vape, but coupled with the ease of use inherent in products far lower in quality.

Overall an excellent product.

To check out the Origo CVB you can click here.

Barry W Stanton
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