Singapore: Man Suffers Fatal Heart Attack After Catching Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a very fun game that requires players to spend hours outside. The game has hundreds of Pokemons that can be caught, some more difficult to find than others. But in Singapore, a man that found one of the rarest Pokemons in the game has lost his life after suffering a heart attack.

The news come from a report by Lianhe Wanbao, a Singapore newspaper. The man, who was 67 years old, was a big fan of the game and reportedly had a big collection of Pokemon. The man had caught many Pokemons but he had not found Lapras, one of the rarest creatures in the game. The ice/water Pokemon is also rare in the first Pokemon video games.

The man continued his search for Lapras and eventually found him near a resort in Singapore. He caught the rare Pokemon shortly after but his excitement after finally catching the Pokemon may have been too much, according to his wife. The man and his wife had visited the resort a few times because it was a good place to find and catch Pokemons. His wife says the excitement of catching the Pokemon caused him to have a heart attack.

The man was taken to the hospital but passed away after arriving there. Lapras, one of the most difficult Pokemons to find in the game, is one of over 200 Pokemons that can be found in Pokemon Go. The man reportedly had a level 28 account with most of the Pokemons on his collection.

Pokemon Go has a been a successful release for game developer Niantic. But the augmented reality game has also been linked to a number of incidents, including car accidents from people distracted or people entering dangerous areas to find and catch a Pokemon. A report from market researcher App Annie estimates that Pokemon Go generated $950 million in revenues last year.