South Africa: Smuggled Ferrari LaFerrari To Be Crushed

Ferrari only made 499 LaFerrari models but one of them is about to be turned into a cube by South African authorities after its owner tried to bring it to the country without paying any taxes. The Ferrari LaFerrari is one of the highest performance cars the Italian sports car manufacturer has ever produced. In recent years, the Ferrari LaFerrari has seen its price more than triple. Last year, one LaFerrari in Florida was for sale with an asking price of $4.7, million. The car is not only very expensive but there is also a few hundred out there, so when news like this surface, it makes fans of sports cars very sad.

The Ferrari LaFerrari was not recently seized by South African authorities. The car has actually been in a warehouse for three years after the owner tried to bring it to the country but did not have the money for customs duty. The car was taken to the warehouse, where it remained as authorities waited for the owner to pay the required fees to release the car.

The owner had a different idea to attempt to get the car back in the country without having to pay. Last month, he declared that the car would be exported to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The car was released by authorities and allowed to exit South Africa but 24 hours after the car had crossed into Zimbabwe, one of the countries it had to go through before reaching the Democratic Republic of Congo, it was brought back to South Africa. The attempt to smuggle the car through the same area of the border where it was allowed to leave didn’t go so well. The vehicle was detained by authorities but that’s not really the sad news about this. The sad news for car fans is that this super expensive and rare Ferrari LaFerrari will be crushed.

The owner faced several problems trying to get this car into the country, including not having enough money or not wanting to pay the importing fees when the car was first seized. There’s also another problem, the Ferrari LaFerrari is left hand drive, which makes it illegal in South Africa. A left hand drive vehicle is only allowed in the country if it was registered before or on July 23, 2004.

The importing fee that was never payed and then the attempt to smuggle the car into the country after being released, will soon turn this limited edition car into a cube.