Spain: Eight Iraqis Saved From Refrigerated Truck By Police

Authorities in Spain have saved eight Iraqis from a refrigerated truck. The eight people were reportedly trying to reach the UK, according to police.

The Spanish police spoke to AFP and confirmed that the eight people were in good health. They found out that the people were inside the refrigerated truck after an anonymous call on Friday. Police searched for the truck and opened the back, finding eight people inside, including four children. The eight people were not carrying any identification but authorities confirmed that they are from Iraq.

One of children found in the refrigerated truck is two years old while the other three are five, eight and ten. Police don’t know how much time the people spent inside the refrigerated truck but did find out that they were looking to reach the UK. The truck was stopped after the anonymous call. Police arrested the driver of the refrigerated truck on charges of human trafficking.

It is not the first time that migrants have been found in trucks in recent months. Local media also reports that something similar happened in February, when an Iraqi family was found inside a refrigerated truck. In 2015, more than 70 people lost their lives inside a truck found sitting on the side of a road in Austria. Police arrested the driver of that truck.

Police don’t know how the eight people reached Spain but they weren’t planning to stay there. The eight people, including one family of two adults and three children, were planning to reach the UK. In 2016, many migrants and refugees, who are escaping conflicts or poverty, reached¬†Europe. In the UK, the number of refugees and migrants found hiding in trucks more than doubled in one year. It is estimated that Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis make up part of the largest groups of people leaving to Europe.