Spain: Tourists Rescued From Tenerife Volcano After Cable Car Stops

Emergency teams in Spain have rescued 250 people from a volcano located in the island of Tenerife after a cable car stopped. The passengers were trapped in two cable cars and some of the passengers had to stay for the rest of the day in cabins on the volcano.

Emergency teams began the rescue operation on Wednesday after the cable cars suffered a malfunction. The 250 passengers waited in high altitude as rescue teams tried to rescue them. Some of the passengers were lowered from the cable cars to the ground using harnesses. The rescue operation took a while and more than 100 passengers had to spend the night in cabins located near the volcano.

Rescue Operation

The rescue operation continued on Thursday, with four helicopters rescuing the passengers. An emergency services spokeswoman said there were no serious injuries and that some had high blood pressure, were dizzy or had light injuries.

The cable car stopped after a security lock was activated automatically for unknown reasons, according to the cable car operator. Operators said the cable car would not reopen until Saturday. Emergency teams helped those spending the night on the volcano by providing them with medical assistance, food and warm clothes.

Mount Teide

The passengers were stranded at Mount Teide, a volcano in the island. It is the highest peak in the country and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. More than 100 passengers spent the night on the area. The tourists were lowered 250 feet down the volcano to safety using ropes and harnesses.

Mount Teide is a popular tourist destination in the island and most make their way up to the volcano via the cable cars. The Mount Teide National Park, which is the oldest of the National Parks in the Canary Islands, welcomes more than 2.8 million visitors per year.