US and UK Announce Ban of Electronic Devices On Flights From Middle East

The US and UK have announced restrictions on electronic devices on planes coming from some countries in the Middle East. The US Department of Homeland Security said people traveling from the airports that are included in the ban cannot bring electronic devices bigger than a smartphone. The restriction means that electronic devices such as laptops, tablets or even cameras can not be brought into the main cabin.

The items that are larger than smartphones will have to be in the checked baggage. The ban has already sparked criticism, questions and confusion from some passengers. The electronics ban will include ten airports in the Middle East.

The UK has also announced a ban on electronic devices on flights. A spokesman for the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May, said that there would also be restrictions on electronic devices on flights. The ban includes six countries in the Middle East.

Earlier today, a US government official said that the ban would continue for the foreseeable future. The official also mentioned that the ban could be extended. The UK has said the new security measures will begin on March 25. The UK ban includes direct flights from six countries: Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia. The airports covered by the new US security measures affect nine airlines.

US officials say the new electronics ban on flights has nothing to do with the travel ban that US President Donald Trump has been trying to introduce. Mr. Trump signed a revised executive order earlier this month that prevents citizens from six countries of entering the US. The six countries are: Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Yemen and Somalia. The first executive order also included Iraq but the country was removed for the revised executive order signed earlier this month. The travel ban is for 90 days but two federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland have blocked it. It was announced a few days ago that Mr. Trump plans to appeal the travel ban rulings soon.