World Happiness Report Reveals The Happiest Countries In 2017

The World Happiness report, produced by the United Nations, has revealed the happiest countries in 2017. The report has a new number one, with Norway now ahead of Denmark as the happiest country. The two are followed closely by Iceland and Switzerland.

The Ten Happiest Countries

The list continues with Finland in fifth, Netherlands in sixth and Canada in seventh place. The last three in the top ten are New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. The report also reveals the unhappiest countries, which are in Africa and the Middle East. Central African Republic is the unhappiest at 155th place. Burundi, Tanzania, Syria and Rwanda are also part of the bottom five of unhappiest countries.

The US is at 14th place on the happiest countries list while the UK is five spots back at 19th place. China, the world’s most populous country, is at 79th while India, the second most populous country, is at 122nd place.


Europe seems to be doing well in the happiness score, taking the top five and showing that most of its places are happy. The unhappiest country in Europe is Ukraine, which is in 133rd place on the list.

Africa has had a few of its countries appear in the unhappy list in recent years. The Happy Planet Index in 2016 revealed that Burundi was the unhappiest country. Central African Republic has also appeared as one of the unhappiest countries in other reports in previous years.

Biggest Increase and Decrease In Happiness

The report also reveals the increases and decrease of happiness in some countries in recent years. Nicaragua had the biggest increase of happiness between 2014-2016. Latvia is second, Sierra Leone is third, Ecuador is fourth while Moldova is fifth. According to the report, Venezuela had the biggest decrease of happiness when compared to 2005-2007. Central African Republic, Greece, Botswana and Ukraine are also in the bottom five.