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7 Times The Original Nokia 3310 Proved Its Toughness

The original Nokia 3310 is almost 17 years old but the heavy and extremely durable device is still being talked about today. Nokia recently announced a remake of the Nokia 3310 and while fans wait for the phone to make its debut in stores, some wonder if the new version will be as tough as the original, which has appeared in internet memes for years. The original Nokia 3310 is known for its long battery life but also its strong plastic shell. We all know the phone is nearly indestructible but here are a few ways people have tested the phones toughness over the years.

Tear Gas Shell

A Nokia 3310 saved the owner from a tear gas shell at a protest in Hong Kong. The tear gas shell went through part of the keyboard but was stopped there. The internet memes often mention the durability of the phone but during this protest, it was confirmed that the phone is super tough.

Regular Drop Test

YouTube has plenty of videos of people doing drop tests but the Nokia 3310 is so tough that some are now doing them to compare with the latest phones. YouTube channel EverythingApplePro recently decided to do a drop test between the original Nokia 3310 and the new Nokia 6. The Nokia 3310 survived most of the drop tests, despite its plastic shell, battery and display flying off during all of them. The last drop test did damage the phone but it does appear to be working as the keyboard parts inside are still glowing. The new Nokia 6 did well too as EverythingApple dropped it from a very high place and it still worked after. Nokia is known for its durable phones and it looks like that continues with its new smartphones.

Fireworks Test

YouTube channel ESC Baig decided to test the Nokia 3310 toughness by wrapping it on fireworks. The fireworks destroyed part of the plastic shell but the rest of the phone remained intact. The phone did not turn on but seeing it just lose part of its plastic shell is impressive after a firework explosion like the one seen on the video.

Drone Drop Test

What happens when you drop a Nokia 3310 from 1,000 feet with a drone? Well, YouTube channel HaerteTest decided to test this and the results were impressive. The Nokia 3310 plastic shell survived the drop but parts of the phone flew all over the place. The pieces were collected and put back into the phone but the Nokia 3310 did not turn back on.

Milan Sidewalk

A Nokia 3310 was left in concrete as it was drying in a Milan sidewalk. This one is now a meme on the internet and while the screen and plastic shell are not visible, the keyboard remains intact. Some have even joked that the battery of this Nokia 3310 is still at 90 percent.

Nokia 3310 vs. Sword

YouTube channel GizmoSlip decided to do a different test with the Nokia 3310. For this test, they brought out a katana. The only attempt didn’t go well for the katana as the Nokia 3310 dented the sword. The phone had small damage but the loser of this battle was clearly the sword. If you ever thought about slicing a Nokia 3310 with a sword, now you know that it probably won’t work and that you’ll probably damage the sword in the process.

Nokia 3310 vs. Ax

The Nokia 3310 survives almost every test and YouTube channel HaerteTest, who has done plenty of tests with the phone, used an ax this time to see how the phone would do. First, he heated the ax to 1000 degrees and then placed it on the phone. He did not hit the phone with the ax but it did melt the front and part of the back. The buttons and most of the screen were melted but when he touches the power button, the phone continues to make sounds. The keyboard is also glowing, so the Nokia 3310 survived the test, proving once again that it is one of the toughest phones ever released.

The remake of the Nokia 3310 will soon be released but the original version is one phone that fans have not forgotten about, despite it being almost 17 years old. Did you own a Nokia 3310? Are you planning to get the new Nokia 3310? Let us know in the comments.




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