Animal Adventure Park Will End April The Giraffe’s YouTube Live Stream This Week

April the giraffe is probably the most talked about animal after having a live stream that lasted over two months. April the giraffe gave birth to a calf on April 15 after a long wait by viewers on YouTube.

After her pregnancy, April the giraffe was back YouTube with a new live stream from Animal Adventure Park. But the wildlife park has decided to end the live stream later this week. The live stream, which has been watched by thousands since it was brought back, will end of Friday. The park said it was planning to end the live stream after her pregnancy but it has now confirmed when it will officially end.

The announcement of the end of the live stream comes after April the giraffe suffered an injury. Earlier today, park officials said April’s stance and walk were almost back to normal after suffering a leg injury. The wildlife park said in a statement that her leg twist was the equivalent of rolling your ankle slightly.

April is a YouTube star after being in a live stream for over two months. The live stream became one of the most watched videos on the site. Thousands of people watched every day to see how the giraffe was doing during her pregnancy.

April the giraffe’s live stream quickly went from being watched by hundreds to thousands of people. The live stream began on February 10 and numbers quickly increased for the video. The live event actually became one of the most watched on the video site. YouTube said on Monday that the live stream was now the second most watched live event on the site. The live stream had millions of views during its two months and on Saturday, it had a whopping 14 million viewers throughout the day.

The video and channel broke YouTube records, with more than one million people watching the live stream at the same time. The Animal Adventure Park YouTube channel was also one of the fastest to reach 200 million views. The channel was actually the fifth fastest to reach that number, only behind some of the most popular celebrities in the world.

The wildlife park will officially end April the giraffe’s live stream on Friday. The news have shocked fans, who have continued to watch the live stream after the giraffe’s pregnancy. The park has confirmed that the leg injury has improved and they are now holding a contest to name her baby.