April The Giraffe’s Livestream Breaks YouTube Records

If you watch YouTube videos every day or are active on social media, you probably know about April The Giraffe’s livestream, which caught the attention of millions fans around the world.

YouTube said earlier today that the livestream is now officially the second most watched livestream in history of the video site. There are plenty of livestreams on the site right now but the giraffe quickly caught the attention of the world as it waited to have a baby. According to Variety, the channel ahead of the giraffe’s livestream is Riot Games League of Legends channel.

The livestream appeared on YouTube on February 10 and thousands of people watched the giraffe throughout the days. The numbers continued to increase as the giraffe got closer to giving birth. April delivered her male calf on Saturday after more than two months of being on a YouTube livestream.

YouTube has plenty of animal livestreams that have become very popular recently. The video site has at least two livestreams of eagle nests, which are currently being watched by hundreds of people.

April The Giraffe had more than 200 million views on Saturday and around 14 million people watched the livestream on that day. Those are amazing numbers for any YouTube channel and the livestream actually made history when more than one million people were watching the video at the same time. The numbers made the livestream one of the most watched live events ever on YouTube.

Animal Adventure Park, the channel with April The Giraffe’s livestream, also made history by reaching 200 million views in less than two months. It was the fifth fastest channel to reach those numbers on YouTube.

April The Giraffe’s baby is already very popular around the world as millions waited for April to give birth for weeks. The wait is over but now fans can vote to choose calf’s name. The zoo is now holding a contest to name the baby. The contest will last ten days and votes are $1 each. Animal Adventure Park began a new livestream of the giraffe on Saturday and over 68,000 people are currently watching that video.