Australia: Parents Complain After Easter Egg Hunt Leaves Children With Less Eggs

In Australia, a public Easter egg hunt went really bad after organizers were accused of taking back some of the chocolate from the children. The Geelong Easter Egg Hunt took place during the weekend and at a cost of $15, children were able to be part of the chocolate egg hunt and also meet the Easter bunny. The event had only one condition, that each children could fill only one bag. But the Easter egg didn’t end well after children were reportedly told by organizers that they had taken too many eggs. The organizers reportedly told the children to put some back and that’s when parents were began complaining.

Organizers have responded to the accusations by saying the parents were trying to hoard the eggs. A woman who attended the event with her children said they were told that the Easter bunny would be mad if they didn’t put some eggs back. The woman says eggs were removed from her children’s bags.

A few other parents have complained about how the event ended and how organizers behaved. The company that organized the event apologized shortly after, saying they had given the feedback to the organizers. One of the organizers has denied that the eggs were removed from the children’s bags. The organizer also added that the parents were not supposed to be taking lots of Easter eggs in their hands and bags. The organizer finished by saying that it was part of the condition of entry and that they could not control people since they just went crazy when they saw the eggs.

The Easter egg hunt took place over the weekend but those who attended are still complaining about what they saw during the event. One person even complained that the bags were too small for the $15 ticket to enter the Easter egg hunt. Even the children have been accused of smashing the eggs at the event.

Easter egg hunts are supposed to be a fun time for children but this event appears to have angered parents, children and organizers. Events Geelong recently apologized on a Facebook comment but the controversial Easter egg hunt continues to make news as parents are still upset.