Cincinnati Police Installing a Gunfire Detection System

Cincinnati police will soon have technology that will let them detect shootings in the city. The new technology will be debuting in July, according to Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate. The new technology not only detects but also reports the gunfire in the streets.

The gunfire detection system is called ShotSpotter and is not the first time that it will be used in a city. The technology has already been used in Canton, Ohio. In three months, Cincinnati will be the second to have this technology.

How does this technology work? Well, the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system uses microphones to detect the sound of gunshots. The technology analyzes the gunshots and can tell the area they came from.

Reported and Unreported Gunfire

The technology is a great addition to the area as it can help policeĀ find where the gunshots were fired after a shooting is reported. This detection system also gives police the ability to find the location of unreported shootings in the area.

Some of the shootings that happen in the area are reported while some are never reported. The technology will help police track any shootings in the area, especially the unreported ones.

How Much Does This Technology Cost?

The ShotSpotter is a new technology that was first shown to the cities last year. Canton, Ohio was the first to use it but others were impressed about what it could do. The ShotSpotter technology makes the job of police easier by tracking shootings but it is not cheap to install for cities.

Canton spent around $360,000 for the ShotSpotter network, according to the city. The plans to install this technology in Cincinnati could be a little pricier but the city plans to have it ready by July.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said this is a device that can really go after the repeat violent offenders that they are targeting. The price may end up being more than what Canton spent but the city will soon be able to detect shootings.

ShotSpotter Technology In OtherĀ Areas

The ShotSpotter technology has already been tested in a few neighborhoods in other states and has given police in these areas an idea on how much shootings are reported. A test in four San Diego neighborhoods in November 2016 found that only one in four shootings are reported. In Miami, the ShotSpotter technology identified more than 8,000 bullets fired in the first year.