Germany: Police Find Nearly 850 Pounds of Cocaine In Banana Shipment

Authorities in Germany have discovered one of the biggest cocaine shipments this year. The cocaine was hidden inside a shipment of bananas, which was searched by police over the weekend.

Shipment Reported By Worker, GPS Found

The Associated Press said a worker at a company located in Leverkusen reported the shipment of what was believed to be drugs on Saturday. Police then searched the shipment and confirmed that it was cocaine. The drugs were hidden in packages inside the 26 boxes of bananas. The shipment came from Ecuador and first arrived to Hamburg, a port city in northern Germany.

In the shipment, police not only found bananas and cocaine but also a GPS. Police believe the transmitter was left there by the criminals to later locate the shipment. In one of the pictures, a banana box can be seen half filled with packages.

Not The First Time

It is not the first shipment of bananas and cocaine discovered in Europe in recent months. Last month, authorities in Spain intercepted a shipment of fake bananas carrying cocaine inside. The 57 fake bananas had 15 pounds of cocaine hidden inside them. Spanish police arrested two men for allegedly transporting the cocaine inside the fake bananas. In September 2016, police in southern Spain discovered nearly 2,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in a shipment of bananas. In 2014, Spain arrested nine people for a shipment of bananas that had cocaine hidden in them. In 2015, nearly $17 million in cocaine were found in boxes of bananas at a German grocery store.

Police don’t know the exact value of the shipment found over the weekend but Business Insider reports that a gram of cocaine can cost between 46 and 91 euros ($48 – $96). The shipment ended up in a warehouse of a company in Leverkusen before it was reported by one of its workers.