Houston Couple Complains They Were Removed From United Airlines Flight

United Airlines has been heavily criticized since the incident with the man that was forcibly removed from the flight. The incident has made news around the world but problems continue to mount for the airlines as a Houston couple has now complained that they were removed from the flight.

A couple flying to Costa Rica for their wedding claims they were removed after they moved up a few seats. The couple says they moved up after they saw a man sleeping in their seats. The incident happened in a flight in Houston on Saturday.

The latest incident comes nearly a week after a video showing a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight surfaced. The man is now preparing to file a lawsuit, according to his lawyers.

According to the couple and a statement provided by the airlines to ABC News, the incident started when they purchased seats in economy class and moved to other seats. The couple said they moved as they didn’t want to disturb a man that was sleeping in their seats. The two moved from economy class to economy plus seats. The airlines and couple have a different story on what happened after they moved to the other seats.

The couple says they offered to pay for the other seats they moved to while the airline says they were offered to pay the difference of the seats but they declined. The couple says they decided to move back to their seats after the dispute but the airline says the couple was not following instructions from a crew member telling them to return to their seats.

The couple claims the airline had a marshal remove them from the flight. United Airlines and the TSA have denied that marshals or authorities were involved in the incident. The airline said the couple was offered a discounted hotel rate and a flight the following day.

Since the Dr. Dao video, problems have continued to mount for the airlines. A few days ago, a former Venezuela beauty queen reportedly sued the airlines after she was allegedly handcuffed while on a flight four years ago. There was also another incident involving a passenger and a scorpion. The man says the scorpion fell on his head while he was eating lunch during the flight. He says he tried to control the scorpion by holding his tail but was stung after dropping it and trying to pick it back up.