Italy: Court Bans Uber Over Unfair Competition

An Italian court has decided to ban ride sharing app Uber over unfair competition to taxis. According to local media, the court said the service contributed to taxis facing unfair competition.

The court in Rome has supported a complaint submitted by taxi unions and given the ride sharing service ten days to stop the use of its phone apps in the country. It was also told to stop promotion and advertisements of the service, which is currently available in hundreds of cities around the world.

Uber, which has faced many protests around the world in the past from taxi drivers saying the service is unfair competition, could face a fine of more than $10,000 if the service continues after the ten days. The company has responded by releasing a statement saying that they are shocked by the decision and will appeal. The company added in the statement that thousands of professional drivers use the app to make money and provide good transportation in the country.

It is not the first time that Uber is banned from a country or suspended. The service was suspended in France last year after protests from taxi drivers. Many of the protests, such as the ones seen in Brazil since the service arrived there, have been from taxi drivers who say the service is unfair competition and is making it more difficult for them to make what they used to earn in a day.

In February, Uber suspended its service in Taiwan after a lengthy battle with the government. The service was facing fines of nearly $800,000 in Taiwan if it continued to operate without following the regulations. The company did announce a few hours ago that it would be returning to Taiwan’s market on Thursday. The announcement comes almost two months after it decided to suspend its service there.

Uber, which is currently available in more than 500 cities worldwide, plans to appeal the decision. It is not the first time that the company’s service is banned there. In May 2015, a Milan court banned the UberPop service across Italy over unfair competition for taxi drivers.