North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile, US Says Test Was Unsuccessful

North Korea has fired another missile, which the US says may have been unsuccessful at launch. The test comes just weeks after they tested another missile, which raised tensions between countries.

US President Donald Trump has responded to North Korea’s latest missile test on Twitter. The post says North Korea disrespected the wishes of China and its highly respected president when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today.

North Korea’s recent missile tests have failed, according to the US and South Korea. But tensions continue to rise as North Korea has tested a few missiles in recent months. In the last few days, the United States had been requesting tougher sanctions for North Korea.

The US Pacific Command said the missile did not leave North Korea while South Korea’s military said the launch happened early Saturday. The US Pacific Command spokesman said in a statement that they detected a North Korean missile launch at 10:33 a.m. Hawaii time.

The missile test comes less than two weeks before South Korea’s election. A US official explained that the missile test was the kind of provocation that had been expected before the election in South Korea, which will take place on May 9. The missile test comes despite the US push for more sanctions and the warnings from Mr. Trump’s administration. North Korea has also continued to release videos simulating war with the United States and depicting attacks on an aircraft carrier.

The missile test is the 75th of Kim Jong Un’s time as North Korea’s leader. The ballistic missile reportedly exploded within seconds of launch. The missile test before the one today also failed, according to the US and South Korea. In March, tensions raised when North Korea fired four missiles that landed in the Sea of Japan. Since then, the country has continued testing missiles.

On Friday, the US pushed for sanctions against North Korea at the UN Security Council. China, North Korea’s only ally, called on the country to stop its missile tests last month. Mr. Trump’s administration has warned that it is running out of patience. The missile test is the 75th launch since Kim Jong Un became leader of North Korea six years ago.