Official Says Car Thefts In Dubai Have Dropped 58 Percent In One Year

Dubai is home to some of the most expensive cars in the world and the city is now getting even safer for car owners, according to a top official. The official has said that car thefts dropped 58 percent last year when compared to 2015.

Estimates say around 133 cars were stolen in the city last year. A top official of Dubai’s police says some of the stolen cars were smuggled to Oman, which is nearly 340 miles away from Dubai. The official did confirm that most of the cars that were smuggled to Oman were recovered.

Dubai is a city known for its luxury and some residents own very expensive cars. 133 car thefts may not sound like much when compared to other cities around the world but the top official of Dubai’s police says owners should be more careful and not leave their cars with the keys inside. He added that thieves usually go for cars that are left unattended at gas stations or any other place where people get out to pick up something and come back.

Dubai has been working on reducing its small percentage of car thefts and it seems to be working as that dropped 58 percent in 2016 when compared to the previous year. The top official also says people have to watch their surroundings, especially those who are leaving banks or carrying valuable items with them. He says people who visit the bank to withdraw money should not stop at other places after leaving the bank.

Dubai had an estimate of 133 car thefts last year but the city has also become popular on social media for some of the expensive cars that are abandoned around the city. Car fans around the world often post YouTube videos or images on social media about the cars that are abandoned in the city. Ferraris, BMWs, Lamborghinis are some of the thousands of cars abandoned at airports or parking lots across the city every year. An average of 3,000 abandoned luxury cars are recovered by Dubai police each year. Most of these cars are later auctioned by Dubai police.