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Park 77 Update – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Park 77 before Bar Rescue

In 2011, electrician Tano Basso decided to follow the family business and purchased a bar of his own. His older brother Wayne helped with the funding, and his nephews Angelo and Tommy became co-owners with a 25% share each.

Tommy, Tano, Angelo, and Wayne Basso

Park 77 enjoyed a period of success during its heyday, partly because it was situated near San Francisco University. However, Tommy and Tano were too occupied with their own businesses, hence the bar was left in the hands of Angelo. The man they entrusted Park 77 with was not only inexperienced, but was also immature and drank a lot while on shift.

Angelo’s uncontrollable behavior earned him the ire of Tommy and Tano, and the two wanted to get rid of the young co-owner. Wayne, however, was protective of his son and suggested that the others talk to the young one with respect. With the bar burdened in debt, and a co-owner who needs babysitting, Tano had no other choice but to call for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue for help.

Park 77 on Bar Rescue

From the outside, Park 77 featured an unattractive sign that looked like it was a child’s scribbling. The bar also had an unused patio that could’ve brought in much-needed income had it been utilized. According to expert mixologist Russell Davis, a pornographic video was shot in Park 77 while there were customers in the bar, and it was confirmed by Taffer after a quick search on his tablet. The couch used during the shooting of the adult film was still in the bar, and people still sit on it.

The old exterior

Taffer’s spies entered Park 77 and were served poorly-made Mai Tai. Angelo was in the premises, drinking and giving away shots to virtually everyone in the bar. Tommy and Tano were also around but they didn’t even lift a finger to stop the uncontrollable co-owner. The Bar Rescue host then went inside Park 77 and revealed the true history behind the brown couch to the patrons. The bombed out Angelo defended his ways and even justified the reason why he let people film porn in the bar. Taffer was even more incensed when the three Bassos refused to do anything to reprimand Angelo.

The next day Taffer returned to Park 77 and revealed Angelo’s irresponsibility to Wayne. He also revealed the bar’s losses of $7,500 in a matter of three days. Angelo promised to change his ways and even challenged Taffer to test him as nobody believed in him. Afterwards, Davis taught the bartenders how to properly create a Mai Tai in preparation for the stress test. Angelo was assigned as the general manager for this night, and Taffer prohibited the other co-owners from giving him a helping hand.

During the stress test Angelo and the bartenders were swamped by a huge volume of customers. The staff also failed to ring transactions for almost every drink they made. Outside, the patio was lifeless thanks to the lack of décor and energy. The lack of a system ensured that nobody worked on the floor to collect money or used glassware as every employee was too focused behind the bar. Seeing that Angelo was a hopeless manager, Taffer straight up told the three co-owners that they need someone who could actually run Park 77.

The next day Taffer and Davis planned the bar’s new concept which focused on a younger audience. A dance floor ensured that there was energy inside the bar, and three butt funnels encouraged interaction between the customers. Davis suggested that the drink menu should have shots. He whipped out a shot that utilized amaro, a bittersweet herbal liquer, named The Gator Bait, and the second cocktail The Skip & Go Lister fused vodka and beer. Taffer then talked to the owners who decided that Angelo was not the right one for managerial duty, and that they will hire a general manager instead.

The new exterior

After the renovation, Park 77 was transformed into The Lister. The bland signage was now replaced with professional-looking red letters. The name was derived from Dr. Frederic Lister Burk, the first San Francisco State University president. The exterior now had windows that displayed what the bar offered, and torches to make the bar more noticeable. The interior was given new furniture, walls splashed in crimson and with posters that depicted Dr. Burk in amusing ways, and a revamped patio with tables for beer pong and table tennis. The dance table was equipped with a computerized DJ table, three new POS terminals on the bar area, and the back bar rearranged to resemble a store’s cosmetics section.

Park 77 Now in 2018 – The After Bar Rescue Update

The Lister is still open with mixed reviews on Facebook and Yelp. Some comments praised the bar’s sound system the bartenders, and the events that took place like karaoke nights and live music. Criticism was aimed towards the lack of a menu, no labels on the beer taps, and some people found the posters on the wall creepy.

In the “Back to the Bar” episode of Bar Rescue, Angelo took down the posters installed by the show and dumped them in the basement. The porn couch was also back, and Angelo was all smiles when the couch was shown on the screen. Angelo defended the changes he made by saying that he wanted the bar to be good, and that people to have a good time.

Lister Bar has a Facebook page, although the latest post was way back in February. Click here to visit it. Also, you can check out their official website by clicking here.

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