Satellite Images Show North Korean Workers Playing Volleyball At Nuclear Test Site

North Korea has been making news around the world for its missile attempts, which have recently failed according to the US and South Korea. But as the country is being watched closely, it appears that North Korea’s main nuclear testing site has become more than just a place to work.

Satellite images have revealed that workers at the nuclear testing site have been playing volleyball. Experts that have looked at the images say volleyball games are taking place at different locations throughout the facility.

The images of the volleyball games taking place in the facility come just days after North Korea’s missile attempts. The latest launches have not gone well but the country has angered Japan and many others for an attempt last month that landed in the Sea of Japan. Since March, North Korea has continued its attempts, raising tensions.

The UN Security Council has threatened to impose new sanctions against North Korea for its recent missile tests. China announced a few weeks ago that it would suspend coal imports from North Korea for the rest of 2017. North Korea’s most recent missile test happened on Sunday but the US and South Korea confirmed shortly after that it had failed. According to the US, the North Korean missile blew up almost immediately.

The satellite images show part of the facility and what appears to be people playing on each side of the field next to the guard barracks. Other images show what appears to be a volleyball game in progress and a volleyball net on another side of the facility.

Analyst Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. says that since they are aware of when satellites will fly over, the presence of personnel at play may be a way of signaling that a decision had been made to place the test on hold.