Somalia: Pirates Hijack Indian Cargo Vessel

Officials have confirmed that an Indian cargo vessel has been hijacked off the coast of Puntland. The ship was said to be travelling from Dubai to the Puntland region when the pirates approached it.

The latest incident comes just weeks after another ship was hijacked nearby. According to several news sites, the pirates who hijacked the ship last month were thinking about demanding a ransom. The pirates later released the ship and it was confirmed by an official that it had been released without conditions.

The ship hijacked last month was carrying fuel to Mogadishu when it was approached by two small boats. The ship hijacked on Friday is carrying sugar and wheat, according to the AFP News Agency, who recently contacted the owner of the ship.

The ship has 11 crew on board and a crew member reportedly called the owner to tell him what happened. The ship was hijacked 30 miles off the port city of Hobyo, Somalia.

The incident that happened last month was the first since 2012. Piracy was a big problem in the area before 2012, with more than 200 incidents registered the previous year. Piracy decreased in the area after security was increased.

Second Incident In Less Than Three Weeks

It is the second incident in less than a month, with people and experts explaining that there a few reasons on why piracy has returned in the area. Experts say famine could be one of the reasons while people living in the areas say it is because of the illegal fishing by foreigners.

Pirates in the area usually hijack ships to demand ransoms and while that has decreased since 2012, the last two incidents are not goods news for ships using those routes. According to recent reports, there are five pirates in the ship but no one was injured during the hijacking.