Teen Accidentally Shoots Himself While On Instagram Live

A 13 year old boy from Georgia is dead after accidentally shooting himself as he was on Instagram Live, a feature that that allows users to live stream. The boy was being watched by his followers when he accidentally shot himself. His mother says she heard a big boom and that she couldn’t tell if it was a gun shot.

She had just watched her son take out the trash but after hearing the loud noise, she says she knew that something was wrong. She quickly ran to his room with her daughter and kicked the door. She found him laying on the floor and was told by her daughter to turn off the phone. Before turning it off, she noticed that he was on Instagram Live, a feature that debuted last year on the social media site.

Thirteen year old Malachi Hemphill was live streaming and had a gun when he accidentally shot himself. He was taken to a hospital but he died instantly. Some of his friends were watching the live stream when it happened and his mother says they went to the house after the shooting. She says there were about 40 to 50 kids outside.

Authorities are currently investigating where the gun came from. His mother does not know how he got it but was told that he may have been given the gun by a friend who was also given the gun by another person.

Authorities are still investigating but his mother was told that someone in the comments asked why he didn’t have a clip in it. She says that when he put it in, that’s when it went off. Authorities are now investigating who the gun belonged to before it was given to his friend.

His mother says she would monitor his social media profiles often but when a detective asked for his Instagram username, she says she couldn’t tell him because Malachi would make different pages.

Malachi died instantly and his mother has said that the shooting was an accident. Authorities are now working on finding where the gun came from.