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Top 10 Countries with the Longest Life Expectancy – 2018 Update

When it comes to life expectancy, did you know that some countries are better than others? Some of the countries that have the longest life expectancy, you might not realize, so we are going to tell you about them. Here is the list of the 10 countries with the longest life expectancy, which has been updated to reflect 2017.

10. France

Known for fine wine, fine cheese, and fine aging overall, France starts off our list of countries with the longest lifespans. A surprise to most, the oldest person every verified by the Guinness Book of World Records was from France, Jeanne Louise Calment, who was born on February 21, 1875 and passed away August 4, 1997. On average, France has a from-birth life expectancy of 82.4 years, which is pretty impressive within its own right. With universal health care and a diet that combines healthy oils and quality ingredients with healthy living, both society and public health groups are fighting against what would be an obesity epidemic that would lower this average lifespan.

9. Sweden

With high rankings in education, healthcare and low crime rates, Sweden is a shoe in for one of the healthiest and thus longest lived countries in the world. Being in the top 5 countries in the world for lowest infant mortality has also allowed Sweden to retain a life expectancy similar to that of France in traditional rankings, and a slightly higher ranking when using the Health Adjusted Life Expectancy method. Known for particularly pure water, and exceedingly high rates of education, Sweden is likely to remain on this list for many years to come.

8. Israel

With nearly half of Israeli’s with a tertiary degree and a research heavy academia and economy, it’s no surprise that Israel has quite a bit of work put into aging well. Though a relatively young country (with plenty of inhabitants remembering a time before the creation of the state itself) Israel has consistently played a very successful game of catchup to the rest of the world, and consistently outperforms many of the worlds nations in economic and health measures. With a combined life expectancy of 82.5, one could expect a potential growth of life expectancy with the advancement of the sciences within the country, as well as a potential peace at some point in the future.

7. Italy

With the Mediterranean diet still all the rage, it’s no surprise to see Italy on this list. With a fish and olive oil heavy diet in the south in particular, Italy has long been known as a land of old men and olive groves talking about the news of the day. Also helping is the notoriously laid back lifestyle, which while helping many keep stress low, can cause visiting neighbors from the north an occasional fit, as seen from plenty of travel documentaries. Though still facing a few economic troubles that can put dampers on life span expectancy, Italians can still expect around 82.7 years of life, which is certainly a ripe old age.

6. Iceland

A country of wonderful landscapes, an exceedingly high literacy rate, and plenty of natural spas to be had, Iceland not only knows how to live long, but simply how to live. With a general life expectancy of 82.7, and the 2nd longest lived on average male population at 84.1 (one of the very few countries where the average trend is reversed), Iceland can thank both a great universal health care system, and a manipulation of natural resources to create plenty of clean energy. The result of the latter is some of the world’s cleanest air, and thus, lower rates of chronic illnesses associated with pollution. A bit of a surprise to many, Iceland’s fitness programs have gained a foothold in the outside world, especially with the creation of the children’s program, Lazy Town, which was created by an Icelandic gymnast.

5. Spain

With a high standard of living, and a diet similar to that of both France and Italy, Spain is a long lived country with an average lifespan of 82.8 years. With free healthcare for any citizen of the country, Spain’s access to healthcare is among the best in the world, and thus treatment of what would be deadly conditions are often addressed without economic concern. While the government itself is seeing a few bits of instability, it can be said that a majority of Spaniards can have a long and enjoyable life within the country.

4. Australia

Known as the Land Down Under, this nation comes up on top regarding long lives. Another country with an average of 82.8 years of life per person, Australia also ranks extremely high in terms of education, economy, and overall healthcare. Holder of the second highest score for human development, Australia has focused a lot of their assets on creating a fantastic country of what used to be a deadly penal colony. This ranking still even considers the fact that Australia has the single highest rate of skin cancer in the world and a preventable death rate due to tobacco at almost 10 percent. What helps compensate for this is Medicare (not to be confused with the American Medicare system) which has been the universal health care option for Aussies since 1975. This includes both healthcare and medical expenses being covered, and can help those sick to not die. Alongside the “outdoorsy” culture of the Australian people, one can expect a rise in life expectancy as cigarette use continues to decline.

3. Singapore

A surprise on the list, Singapore isn’t a country you would normally considered long-lived, but perhaps that should be reconsidered. By far the smallest nation on this list, this city state is also among the lowest spenders in health, despite being one of the healthiest in the world. This is partially due to an advanced three tier policy which reduces spending while not reducing quality of care to any one group of people. Another large benefit to this small country is that their obesity is below 10%, among the lowest in the world. With relative economic and political stability, Singaporeans can usually have a long peaceful life of 83.1 years.

2. Switzerland

Perhaps better known for chocolates and watches, the Swiss as a people tend to live quite a long time. A rare exception to the universal healthcare model in Europe, Switzerland has a system where health insurance is private, but does need to be available for all. One of the most advanced in terms of technology and economics, Swiss residents usually have a very prosperous and peaceful 83.4 year life. Clean air initiatives, as well as a large variety of activities for those of all ages allow for a great deal of both environmental and stress relief options. Known for its neutrality in conflicts, the Swiss nation is often a seat for many organizations who wish to improve the health of not only Switzerland, but the world on the whole.

1. Japan

Legendary for its citizens long lifespans, Japan yet again is the country with the longest life expectancy in the world. With a combined life expectancy from birth at 83.7, many centenarians happen to exist on this island nation. Whether it’s due to the renowned clean air and diet rich in fish, the excellent health care model or just the beauty of the country itself, something about Japan keeps quite a few individuals alive well past 100.

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