Thailand: Bangkok Bans Street Food Stalls

Bangkok is a city that many love to visit because of its street food stalls. But those planning to visit the city for the famous street food stalls will have to hurry because they will no longer exist by 2018.

The city known for having lots of street food vendors is actually considering banning all food stalls by the end of 2017. Authorities in Bangkok say the move is being done for order and hygiene reasons. In recent months, authorities have been working on moving the street food stalls to some parts of the city. But the latest move has banned all the street food stalls from the main roads of Bangkok.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, which has been working on moving the street food stalls, is now working to remove street vendors from all 50 districts of the city, according to Wanlop Suwandee, who is the chief adviser to Bangkok’s governor. He confirmed the news to The Nation newspaper.

Bangkok is famous for its street food stalls that are visited by hundreds of residents and tourists every day. In these street food stalls, people can find good food at very low prices. But city officials are not happy with the street food stalls because they say vendors litter the streets. Officials also say the vendors stalls leave almost no space for pedestrians to walk.

Residents and those who like to visit the city for its street food stalls are not happy with the news. But the chief adviser to Bangkok’s governor says the street vendors have taken the sidewalk space for too long and that the city already provides them with space to sell their products legally in the area. The chief adviser to Bangkok’s governor also spoke to AFP and said that all stalls, including those that sell clothes and other products, will be banned from main city roads. He explained that the stalls will not be allowed for order and hygiene reasons.

The cheap food from these areas have become almost an everyday thing for residents. They believe removing the street food stalls will hurt the areas that have become popular for that. Bangkok has a few streets known for their cheap but great food. These streets also have plenty of people selling other products, such as clothes and souvenirs. Estimates say there are currently more than 20,000 street food vendors in the city.