Uber Is Back In Taiwan But Could Be Out of Two More Countries Soon

Uber recently announced its return to Taiwan after suspending its service there two months ago. The ride sharing service was facing huge fines in Taiwan if it did not follow regulations and ended up suspending its service after a long battle with the government.

Uber has returned to Taiwan but the service could soon be out of two European countries. A few days ago, a Rome court announced that the service was banned in Italy over unfair competition. Uber, which has already had one of its services banned there before, said shortly after the decision that it would appeal.

Uber, which is available in hundreds of cities, has seen plenty of protests from taxi drivers who say the service is unfair competition. The taxi unions won their lawsuit against Uber in Italy, where the company was given ten days to stop its app, promotions and advertisements. But that’s not the only problem the ride sharing service has in Europe.

Last month, reports said that the company would exit from Denmark in April because of new taxi regulations. The company cited unworkable changes to taxi requirements for its decision to leave the country. Uber, which has operated in Denmark for three years, has over 2,000 drivers there. The company will leave Denmark on April 18 because of new taxi regulations that require things such as fare meters. The Danish government passed a reform changing regulation for taxis two months ago.

Uber, one of the most popular ride sharing companies around the world, has debuted in many countries in recent years but its troubles continue in Europe. The company has said it will appeal the decision in Italy but in Denmark, they have confirmed they will suspend their service on Tuesday. The good news for Uber is that it returned to Taiwan today after partnering with licensed rental car companies.