United Airlines Passenger Stung By Scorpion

A United Airlines passenger was eating lunch on a business class flight when a scorpion landed on his head. Richard Bell, who is now seeking compensation after the scorpion stung him, says that while he was eating, something fell on his hair. He then picked up what fell on his hair and noticed that it was a scorpion.

Bell spoke to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and told them that he was holding the scorpion by the tail, so it wouldn’t sting him. Sunday’s flight from Houston to Calgary turned out to be a scary one for Bell and other passengers. One passenger had warned Bell that the animal was a scorpion.

Bell was not stung by the scorpion after it dropped on his head because he was holding it by the tail. But he says he dropped it on his plate and when he went to pick it up, that’s when the scorpion stung him. He says it got his nail mostly but he quickly dropped it on the floor.

A flight attendant quickly put a cup over the animal when it was dropped on the floor. Bell says they got out of their seats and stepped on it. Bell was stung by the scorpion, so he and his wife searched all over the internet about scorpions and what its sting could do. A nurse who was on the flight gave him a painkiller and when the flight landed, an emergency team was there to treat him.

No one knows how the scorpion got on the plane but Bell says it probably made it there from someone’s luggage. He said he does not plan to sue the airlines for what happened but hopes the company offers him a travel credit or some compensation. After the flight landed, custom officials checked the plane to see the scorpion but they couldn’t get to see it as it had already been thrown in the toilet and flushed by the flight attendants.

The incident adds more negative publicity to an airline that’s already been in the news recently for videos of a man being dragged off a flight. The lawyer of the man injured during the incident in the overbooked flight confirmed just a few hours ago that they were preparing a lawsuit. The 69-year-old man who was forcibly removed from the flight says he lost his teeth, suffered a broken nose and concussion during the incident.