Apple Starts Assembling iPhones In India

On Wednesday, Apple started assembling iPhones in India for the first time. The company, which has one of the most popular phones in the world, assembled a small batch of its iPhones.

The tech giant is not assembling all of its iPhones there yet. The phones assembled earlier today are iPhone SEs. Apple spoke to CNBC and said that it is beginning initial production of a small number of iPhone SE in Bengaluru. The iPhone SE, which was released last year, is one of the latest phones from the company. Apple’s most recent release is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but those were not assembled in India today.

Apple announced the iPhone SE last year in a move to offer a smaller option for customers who are not fans of the bigger iPhones. The iPhone SE is similar to the iPhone 5s but comes with iPhone 6s hardware. The company also told CNBC that it plans to start shipping to customers in India this month. Apple is currently not one of the top five smartphone makers in India but it is looking to grow there.

iPhone SE

One of Apple’s biggest competitors is currently the top manufacturer in India. We’re talking about Samsung, which has a little over 28 percent market share in the country, according to data from market research company IDC. Apple’s market share in India is said to be less than five percent.

The iPhone SE is a year old but the phone remains one of the best options for Apple fans who prefer smaller phones. The iPhone SE also starts at a few hundred dollars less than the iPhone 7. Apple is rumored to be working on the iPhone 8 but iPhone SE 2 rumors have also surfaced in recent months.

The iPhone SE, released in March 2016, will begin shipping to customers this month, according to Apple. The phone was already available in the country but the first iPhone SEs were manufactured in India on Wednesday. What do you think about the iPhone SE? Are you waiting for a new version? Let us know in the comments.