Bezel-free BLUBOO S1 using Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Protection?

rEdge to edge phones are the hottest trend in the smartphone industry.  A smaller device that’s able to offer you the utmost screen real estate is huge.  The only problem with this design trend is the fact that these screens tend to be less durable than standard smartphone screens. Rumor has it the new BLUBOO S1 will solve this problem by using the nearly indestructible Gorilla Glass by Corning.

The latest offerings by Corning can handle most drops from nearly 5 feet in the air and is nearly twice as protective as the previous iteration. Best of all it’s not only stronger during drops but also more scratch resistant which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t use a screen film on their phone. If the rumor is true this will help seperate the new BLUBOO device from the rest of the competition.

Adding gorilla glass to the already impressive phone boasting the Helio P25 chipset, 4-6GB of RAM, & up to 128 GB of storage really sets the bar for the latest generation of discount smart phones. The S1 is rumored to have a release date of June 2017 and looks to be priced in the mid $100 range making it not only an impressive device but a very affordable one as well.  Be ready to see a lot of BLUBOO S1’s out in the wild over the next few months.