Colombia: Cassie Sainsbury Breaks Silence, Family Arrives To The Country

Cassie Sainsbury has spoken for the first time about how she is living in the women’s prison in Bogota. Ms. Sainsbury, who was arrested last month at a Bogota airport, had remained quiet and only her family had given information on her arrest.

Ms. Sainsbury said during a phone call to News Corp that there’s a lot of chaos in there and that a few of the inmates are very pushy with her because they know she doesn’t understand Spanish. Ms. Sainsbury is currently being held at El Buen Pastor women’s prison while she waits for her trial.

The phone interview came as the media watched her family enter the country. Her fiance landed in Bogota just a few hours ago but refused to speak to the media waiting outside. Her mother and sister were later seen by the media at the airport.

Ms. Sainsbury was arrested on April 12 after authorities found cocaine packages in her luggage. Authorities later revealed a picture of her standing in front of a table with the 18 packages found in her luggage. More than 12 pounds of cocaine were found in the packages.

Ms. Sainsbury was planning to get married next year and was looking for wedding gifts to give to out. One of the gifts she was planning to give out were headphones, which she says she thought she had in the packages. A man she became friends with during her visit to the country was reportedly the person who offered her to find the headphones.

Authorities recently said that an alert from the DEA was what led to her arrest at El Dorado International Airport. Ms. Sainsbury’s plane ticket, which was a last minute purchase in Hong Kong, was reportedly one of the main reasons that led to the alert.

9 News was recently told that Ms. Sainsbury is slowly adapting to life in jail. She is reportedly staying in another section of the prison reserved for foreigners. Ms. Sainsbury is facing a sentence of up to 25 years but her mother has said the minimum is six years if she pleads guilty. Her mother has also said that it may be reduced to four if she gives information about the person that gave her the packages.