Georgia: Police Save Teen Who Attempted To Live Stream Her Suicide On Facebook

Police cars and an ambulance rushed to a teen’s home in Macon after being alerted of a suicide attempt. Authorities were alerted of a teenager who had taken pills and was attempting to place a bag over her head during a live stream on Facebook. Those who were watching the live stream called 911 and authorities responded by quickly showing up to the girl’s home.

A police officer, who spoke to WMAZ-TV, said that deputies received several calls about the live stream. The police officer added that the social media site also contacted authorities to stop the suicide attempt. The teenage girl was taken to a nearby hospital shortly after.

Incidents and Facebook’s Recent Announcement

The suicide attempt is the latest incident involving live streams on social media sites such as Facebook. Last month, a man in Alabama shot himself in the head during in a Facebook live stream over a recent breakup with his girlfriend. The suicide drew concern from authorities as a few incidents have already happened this year. A day before his suicide, a man from Thailand filmed himself murdering his 11-month old daughter. The man committed suicide after murdering his daughter. Last month, a 13-year-old boy from Georgia also lost his life during a live stream on Instagram. The social media app, which is owned by Facebook, recently added the live stream feature. The boy was playing with a gun when it went off, accidentally killing him during the live stream. His mother, who was the first to enter the room after hearing the gunshot, said after the incident that it was an accident and not an intentional suicide.

Since the incidents, Facebook has been taking steps to stop suicides on live streams. Facebook recently said it will hire more than 3,000 people to review live streams on the site.