Germany: Wind Turbine Blade Falls On Autobahn

A German Autobahn had to be closed by authorities after it was blocked by a giant wind turbine. The turbine fell across the road on Tuesday morning, leaving most of it blocked. Part of the blade also landed on a truck that was driving by when the accident happened.

The wind turbine blade fell to the road when the truck carrying it was hit by another truck. The blade fell across the road, destroying most of the truck that it landed on. The driver of the truck that was destroyed by the wind turbine was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital.

Authorities closed the road after the accident and announced that the removal of the damaged wind turbine blade would take some time. The wind turbine blocked both directions and authorities announced after the accident that the road would not open until at least Tuesday afternoon.

The wind blade was badly damaged on the side that landed on the truck and road. Images show emergency teams on the road and several trucks waiting close by.

Germany is currently one of the biggest producers of wind energy in the world. Wind power produces more than ten percent of the country’s total electrical power. The country has more than 25,000 wind turbines producing that power. The country has invested billions of dollars in power and has rapidly increase its percentage over the last few years.

Authorities said shortly after the accident that they were not clear on how the giant blade would be removed from the road. They did confirm that the road would be closed for at least a few hours, which led to traffic jams in the area. Authorities have also confirmed that the driver of the truck that was hit by the blade was injured but they have not revealed his condition.