India: Woman Arrested After Returning Look-Alikes To Amazon

Police in India have arrested a woman for allegedly returning products that weren’t the ones she purchased. Police say the woman, who had made numerous purchases on the website, made around 69.91 ($110,000) lakh rupees by doing this.

The woman was making purchases on the Amazon website and then returning them. But the return was not for the product she bought, the woman would send a look-alike back. She would then sell the product she kept on other websites. The woman would make money off each return on the website as she would send a cheap look-alike to the seller.

Fake Names and Returns

The woman was accused of making fake names to avoid being caught by authorities and the website. She reportedly used fake names in over 100 purchases. The woman would order mostly electronics such as cameras and TVs. She would then request a return to receive a refund for the item she purchased. Customers are required to send the item back to receive the refund but the woman was sending inexpensive look-alikes.

Amazon Files Complaint After Investigation

Police said the woman was also using different addresses to return the items. They said the return address would always be different from the delivery address. The woman made a total of 104 fraudulent transactions on Amazon. The online retailer filed a complaint to police last month and the woman was later arrested for online fraud. The woman made around 69.91 lakh rupees with the fraudulent transactions before she was arrested.

The woman made over $110,000 returning cheap look-alikes and was caught when the online retailer noticed that there was something suspicious with the transactions. Amazon began an internal investigation and found out what was going on. The woman, who lives in Bengaluru, has also been accused of operating a shopping portal, where she would sell the products she kept from Amazon.