Inmates Caught Trying To Escape Prison Used ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ Tactics

Authorities at the Cloverhill prison in Dublin, Ireland are now investigating a escape plan by two inmates. The two inmates were using tactics from the prison escape movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’

The two inmates had reportedly begun tunneling work around the walls and near the windows of their cells. The tunneling work was being covered by posters, one of the tactics used in the movie.

Authorities began an investigation after finding the tunnel work and the plans after they were out of the prison. One of the men involved in the escape plans is a war vet, who has already served four years at another prison in Ireland.

Police officers found that the inmate had been slowly breaking the concrete around the window, which was covered by posters. Authorities have not revealed the name of the second inmate involved in the escape plans.

After finding the tunnel work on the walls, authorities began searching the cells for more information on their escape plans. The search by authorities was successful as they found plenty of information on the people and places they would hide after escaping the prison. Authorities also found that the second inmate had also begun tunneling work near the window of his cell.

According to the Sunday World, the war vet caught trying to escape was working with another inmate of the same nationality. A source said that the plans and other information found in the cell included a list of names of people who would help after his escape. There was also a list of safe-houses. According to the same source, two escape routes had also been planned. One route had them travelling and escaping by boat while the second route had them travelling north and escaping on that route. Authorities are now focusing on the information found in the cell and the two inmates have been sent to separate prisons.