Italy: Bonus and Low Rent For Bormida Was Just an Idea

A few days ago, the Italian town of Bormida was all over the news as the town was said to be offering a bonus and low rent for people to move there. The offer was seen by thousands of people and it quickly became something that many wanted to do.

Just a Proposal

The town of Bormida has a population of less than 400 people, so the offer was seen as a way to attract more people. The town had a population of around 800 people 70 years ago but the numbers have decreased, with most of the population moving to other Italian cities to look for education or better jobs. The bonus of over $2000 would be given next year to the people that applied and were accepted. But the town has now said the bonus and everything else announced was not an offer but an idea.

Incentives and Low Rents

Bormida Mayor Daniele Galliano has reportedly deleted the original Facebook post in which he spoke about the proposal. The Facebook post received more than 15,000 responses and the town had to quickly release a statement to clarify about the incentive and other things announced. The town said on its website that the incentive was just a proposal and that it had not been approved yet. The town did add that it hopes to approve the bonus next year. The mayor also said on a Facebook post that it was just an idea proposed to the region and that the news were incorrectly reported.

The town of Bormida has just a few hundred people living there and the idea would help raise the population, which has continued decreasing in recent years. The town caught the attention of Italians when it was mentioned that it would give $2,100 to those who moved in. The idea also included rents beginning at $50 and going up to $130.

Thousands of Calls and Comments

Bormida currently has a population of 394 people and is 50 miles away from the city of Genoa. The town has only one main street and just a few restaurants but when news began surfacing about the proposal, a lot of people were interested. The town began receiving thousands of calls and Galliano’s Facebook post also received thousands of comments.

The bonus and low rent have not been approved by the town but now the mayor knows that plenty of people are interested in moving in.