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Italy: Village of Bormida Offers $2,100 and $54 Rent For People To Move In

Remote places around the world usually had a hard time attracting people but the Italian village of Bormida is trying to change that by offering people an incentive of $2,173 and super low rent.

The move is being done to increase the population of the village, which currently has less than 400 people living in it. Those who decide to move will receive the incentive and will also have a low rent.

Application and Rent Options

The people interested can apply by calling or visiting the village. After the application is approved, the person will be able to move in and have a rent of $54 a month. The official website of the village did not reveal details on the selection process but the incentive and low rent have been confirmed as part of the idea.

The village will offer rent for as little as $54 a month but will also offer at least one more option for those interested. The second option will allow those interested in moving to live in a bigger property for $130 per month. The rent being offered by the village is almost nothing when compared to the average rent for a studio in Italy, which is between $325 – $500.


Bormida Mayor Daniele Galliano, who took office three years ago when the village had 390 residents, said in a Facebook post that the $2173 bonus can be expected next year after all necessary procedures have been undertaken.

The village of Bormida has always had a small population but in the last 60 years, it has continued decreasing. The village once had a population of 800 but a lot of people have moved out to study in other cities or find other jobs.

The small village of Bormida is just one of many places around the world that has seen its population decrease. The cities and towns with the same population problem have also tried something similar, offering land and even jobs for people to move in.

The biggest cities in Italy don’t have low rents or incentives, so Bormida’s plan might soon attract people to the village.

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