Japan: Snack Maker Calbee To Resume Production Soon

Japanese snack maker Calbee has some good news for those who are waiting for their snacks to return. The company has said that it will resume potato chips production by September. Calbee was one of the snack makers that recently decided to suspend some of its most popular potato chips due to a potato shortage in the country.

The company suspended some of its most popular potato chips a few weeks ago, leaving customers without their favorite flavors. The potato shortage began when typhoons affected the country’s potato producing region Hokkaido. The region produces about 80 percent of the country’s potatoes and many snack makers use the potatoes for their products.

The news about the suspension of production on some potato chips quickly led to panic buying in some areas. Pictures posted on social media showed the potato chips sections in supermarkets completely empty. The potato shortage not only led to panic buying but also reselling. The potato chips, which sell for a little over $1, were being sold at a price ten times higher or even more by resellers. The potato shortage could last a few more months but Calbee has a temporary solution that will allow it to resume production as they wait.

The snack maker has said it will bring potatoes from Kyushu, which is the second largest production region in Japan. This is will allow the company to resume production and sell potato chips throughout the month of July.

Snack makers have not revealed an exact date when all potato chip flavors will return but Calbee, one of the most popular snack companies in Japan, has a solution as it waits for potato crops. Japan has strict regulations on the import of potatoes, which makes it difficult for snack makers to continue production of potato chips. Calbee has suspended production on more than 30 of its potato chips flavors. Its biggest competitors have also done the same as they wait for potato crops in Hokkaido.