Mexico: Fireworks Explosion Kills 14

A fireworks explosion at a warehouse in Mexico has left at least 14 people dead and 22 injured. The explosion happened during a religious festival on Monday night. An official confirmed that as many as 11 might be minors.

The fireworks explosion in San Isidro, a village 170 miles east of Mexico City, is the second incident in recent months. The state government said it happened during preparations for a festival scheduled for May 15. They added that the fireworks had been left in a home behind a church and that they were set off when someone launched a firecracker outside.

The explosion killed nine people and destroyed the home that the fireworks had been stored in. It was later reported that another five people had died in the hospital. An official of the state said 22 people were also injured by the explosion and that three of them were in serious condition. The official said most died when the building they were in collapsed.

The incident comes less than five months after a fireworks explosion at a market left 39 people dead and many others injured. The market was well stocked with fireworks at the time and there were hundreds of customers. The explosion destroyed most of the market and part of it was caught on video by people driving nearby.

The area was closed by authorities shortly after the explosion and only ambulances were allowed in to pick up the people injured. State governor Antonio Gali Fayad plans to visit the village soon.

The fireworks explosion on Monday is one of a few that have happened in Mexico in recent years. The explosion at the market in December was not the first in the area. The market had seen two explosions in 2005 and 2006. The explosion last year began when a firework went off in the market, according to authorities.

Mexico and many other Latin American countries often use fireworks as part of celebrations throughout the year. The areas where the recent fireworks explosions have happened in Mexico are some of the most popular fireworks makers in the country.