Norway: Google Maps Error Sends Tourists To a Small Town

Residents of Fossmork have seen plenty of tourists arrive in the small town in recent days. The number of visitors there has risen not because of an event or a place to visit but because of a Google Maps error.

The residents of the small town have reported hundreds of confused tourists in recent days. The confused tourists arrive there only to find out that the famous attraction is not located there. The majority of the confused tourists arrive there to look for the Preikestolen, a cliff that is one of the country’s most famous tourist attractions. Preikestolen is visited by 250,000 people every year but the trip has recently become a little longer for those who have recently used Google Maps to get there.

The famous tourist attraction is actually 19 miles away from the town but the error appears to have confused many as residents see cars arrive every day. One resident told newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad that in the summer season, up to 10-15 cars show up each day.

Google Maps, one of the most popular options for GPS navigation, leads tourists over a bridge in the area and into the town, according to a resident. The error leads to a 19 mile trip to the small town and one resident said some tourists get angry when they find out that they’re not in the right place.

Hundreds of confused tourists have visited the town in recent days and resident now know what is causing that. An official for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration recently said that the issue is being investigated.

Preikestolen is one of the country’s most famous tourists attractions but the Google Maps error has recently turned Fossmork into a popular place for tourists to check out before moving to the right direction. One resident said that there was an American man who wanted to buy a cabin there because he thought the place was fantastic. Fossmork has a very small population but the number of buses and cars arriving there every day have made the town an attraction for confused tourists.